In 1848, Giovanni Apa, supreme Master goldsmith, founded his studio in Torre del Greco, a town on the Gulf of Naples at the foot of Mount Vesuvius, which since the time of the Bourbon Kingdom of Naples, is known worldwide as a center of excellence of coral works. Today, the company "LPM", heir of the founder’s art, continues the artisan activities in compliance with the passion and dedication handed down over the centuries. In the historical labs, goldsmiths and engravers, with files, chisels and arches give life to masterpieces of authentic impeccable stylistic perfection by selecting only the finest coral and the most beautiful shells, for the realization of exclusive cameos and jewelry of great value and extraordinary beauty. Each jewel is the fruit of a long and expert craftsmanship where artistic talent and technical skills combine to create pieces different from one another, real works of art with an inimitable artistic value.


from Torre del Greco throughout the world

APA, historical brand Made in Italy, is synonymous with high quality and great skill in manufacturing, and has always been recognized internationally. For many years, it markets its creations worldwide, boasting demanding customers and true connoisseurs of the artistic-traditional manufacturing of coral and cameos. In the historic venue of Torre del Greco you can visit the museum room with antique collections of coral jewelry, cameos and bronze statues in Neoclassical style. Customers have the opportunity to attend a live cameo carving demonstration thanks to the aid of our multilingual personnel that illustrates the history and manufacturing techniques. The exhibition hall houses collections of jewelry in precious stones and culminates in a space dedicated to jewelry and sculptures of great artistic value created, exclusively for APA, by renowned artisans and artists like Master Carver Pernice.



The company, located a few minutes from the motorway exit of Torre del Greco, has a large secure car parking lot, with the main building of about 500 square meters (approximately 5382 ft²) divided into three halls. The museum area contains rare collections of coral jewelry, cameos and statues in bronze in Neoclassical style. The clientele is welcomed in an exhibition hall with the opportunity to attend a live demo of carved cameos and learn from a multilingual guide the historical background and information on technical processing materials in use. The exhibition hall also displays collections in precious and semi-precious stones and culminates in a space dedicated to jewelry and valuable sculptures created exclusively by renowned artisans and artists like Master Carver Pernice.